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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Buffalo, NY Via An Easy Hassle Free Process

New York has some of the sternest laws regarding Medical Marijuana in the Country. Contrary to popular belief Medical Cannabis was actually legalized pretty late in this state. In July 2014, Governor Cuomo signed S7923 into law.
This Act is called the Compassionate Care Act and it allows patients who are registered in New York to purchase medical marijuana to alleviate their symptoms from state-licensed dispensaries.
Other states are a little more lenient but not New York. All patients who want to use medical marijuana need to register with the program and gain full approval before they can even enter a dispensary.
There are only a few doctors who are allowed to write a medical cannabis prescription in the state of New York. Every doctor who wants to help their patients through this program needs to take educational classes about the common uses of medical cannabis and understand how all laws pertaining to its usage in the state work.

How To Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Buffalo, NY

To register for an MMJ recommendation Buffalo, one needs to follow a couple of easy steps. You begin by searching for a medical practitioner who is registered with the New York State Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program. This process needs to be carried out with care as not just any doctor can write up a medical cannabis recommendation in Buffalo. Get a consultation and evaluation with a medical marijuana doctor Buffalo. If you qualify you will get your medical cannabis card. But in Buffalo to actually be able to make a purchase from a medical marijuana dispensary, one also needs to register with the New York Department of Health. It is only after you complete that you become a valid medical cannabis patient in Buffalo. As a certified patient, you are also allowed to give the name of two caregivers who can pick up medical cannabis on your behalf. If you are a minor and can’t give consent, you need to have at least one caregiver.

Get A Medical Cannabis Card In Buffalo
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Patient Caregivers In Buffalo

A registered patient in the state of New York, is allowed to designate one or two caregivers. The job of a caregiver is to help a patient purchase and take medical cannabis. A designated caregiver needs to be over the age of 21 and needs to be a resident of the state of New York. Another caveat to take care of is that a patient’s physician cannot be a caregiver.
A caregiver also needs to ensure that the patient’s application is approved before they register as a caregiver, They need the approval papers to finish the process of registering themselves as a caregiver.

Patient Possession Rules In Buffalo

The state of New York where Buffalo is located has some really strict rules one needs to follow if they want to use medical cannabis to help alleviate their condition. For starters, patients cannot cultivate their own cannabis. So, there are no specified plant limits featured in the list of rules and regulations, the way there are in other states.
Another aspect that is unique to New York is the possession limit. It depends completely on the doctor in question. Patients and caregivers , however, are only allowed to stock up on a 30 day supply as indicated on their recommendation.

Compassionate Care Act

In Buffalo, the Compassionate Care Act (CAA) is what regulates the manufacture, use, and sale of medical marijuana. It is often described as being created in the spirit of striking the right balance between helping people who are suffering and in need of treatment and still managing to protect the public against the risk that cannabis might hold against the health and safety of the public. This law did take a while to completely roll out. Even though it was signed in July 2014, dispensing facilities did not open their doors until much later i.e. January 2016. Recreational marijuana is still illegal in Buffalo.

MMJ Products In Buffalo

Once a 420 doctor Buffalo approves your cannabis card, you are allowed to buy and keep a 30 day supply as recommended by your practitioner. In the last 7 days when your previous 30 day supply is about to end, you are allowed to either go yourself or send your designated caregiver to pick up the supply for the next 30 days.
There are still restrictions on which product you can use in Buffalo. Initially, the only modes of approved consumption were liquid/ oil preparation and oral capsules. These categories were further modified to include topicals, chewable, tablets, lozenges and non-smokable forms of ground plant material. There is a probation on smoking and edibles in Buffalo.

Qualifying Conditions In Buffalo, NY

The only way to qualify to get a medical marijuana card Buffalo is if you have one of the below mentioned debilitating, severe or life-threatening medical conditions.

HIV/Aids, Parkinson's Disease, Cancer, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Neuropathy, Post-Traumatic Stress, Disorder, Spinal Cord Injury With Spasticity, Huntington’s Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Chronic Pain and any condition for which an opioid might be prescribed.
But the qualifying conditions aren’t this simple. You additionally need to have one of the following complicating condition that makes your recovery difficult Severe Or Chronic Pain, Cachexia Or The Wasting Syndrome, PTSD, Opioid Use, Severe Nausea, Severe Or Persistent Muscle Spasms, Seizures

420 Evaluations

Benefits Of A Medical Marijuana Card

With Marijuana, you know that you are moving towards living a healthier life in the most natural way possible. If you live in Buffalo the only way to avail this method of treatment is via a Medical Cannabis Card

Access To Dispensaries

An MMJ card gives you the opportunity to receive advantages like access to a large number of medical dispensaries. These are growing in number and should reach around 80 by the end of the year

Access To More Products

Apart from the classic medical marijuana products like capsules you gain access to specialty products like vapes, gummies, and tinctures

Legal Protection

A Medical Marijuana Card allots to a certain amount of protection from the legal penalties that come with using cannabis. It grants you permission to purchase, transport and privately consume.

“I had an extremely easy time getting my certification. It was all thanks to the excellent customer care and the team members of the clinic. I was very happy with the services and would definitely come back again.”

Jimmy Scheidt

“The whole process was incredibly easy and fuss-free, From the beginning to the end, it only took a day. The Doctor was really patient and heard all of my issues at length and guided me through the whole process. Highly recommended.”

Cheryl Brame

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifying conditions to get an MMJ card?2020-05-06T04:07:04+00:00

Qualifying conditions make you eligible to own an MMJ card in Buffalo. These include Cancer, AIDS, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Neuropathy, Huntington’s Disease, Spinal Cord Injury with Spasciticty, Chronic Pain, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, and any condition for which opioid is prescribed. Additionally, you need to have one of these complicated conditions that make recovery difficult: Chronic Pain, Severe Nausea, PTSD, Cachexia or Wasting Syndrome, Opioid Use, Severe or Persistent Muscle Spasms, Seizures.

What are the benefits of a medical marijuana card?2020-05-06T04:07:23+00:00

An MMJ card gives you the right to access cannabis from the state-certified medical dispensaries. You have access to more products and get legal protection to purchase, transport, and consume privately. By giving you smooth access to cannabis, an MMJ card makes managing health easier.

What are the permitted forms of cannabis ingestion in Buffalo?2020-05-06T04:07:43+00:00

According to the law, you are allowed to keep 30 days supply of cannabis. Initially, the only permitted modes of consumption were oils and capsules. Later, these were modified to include topicals, lozenges, chewable tablets, and non-smokable forms of plant material. Smoking and consuming edibles are currently prohibited in the state.

What are the rules for patient caregivers?2020-05-06T04:22:47+00:00

Medical marijuana patients are allowed to designate one or two caregivers, who can purchase cannabis on their behalf. A caregiver needs to be a legal resident of New York and the patient’s application needs to be approved before he or she can apply. Along with that, caregivers need approval papers to register themselves legally.

What is the Compassionate Care Act?2020-05-06T04:23:07+00:00

The Compassionate Care Act regulates the manufacture, use, and sale of medical cannabis. The law protects the rights of patients in need of cannabis for managing their health conditions and regulates the safe use of cannabis in the state. The act was signed in July 2014 but it was only until 2016 that it took effect and people could start using cannabis for their health.

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How To Apply For Renewal Of A NY Registry ID

Every year you will be required to renew your registry ID, just before you are due for a renewal you will receive a notification. The advice is to begin the renewal process a little before your certification expired as renewal can take a while. Plus without a valid registry, you cannot buy marijuana.
The usual time is that of a year but at times a certification is for a shorter time, so ensure you diligently check when you are due. In case you have a caregiver, they will not be able to re-certify until you are through. So, pay attention to the date. Try and aim for three weeks prior as that is the standard time for approval.


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